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Columbus Girls Academy


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Kansas City Girls Academy


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Teen Challenge boarding schools for girls are nonprofit, faith-based educational solutions for girls struggling with life-controlling problems. We accept girls from throughout the country. Application is free. There is no cost to apply, and enrollment is year-round. Call or inquire online today, to learn more.

Spiritual Support

We offer girls a chance to start over, to become a new person, to live a godly life, and to find freedom through a God-given purpose and an eternal hope. We do this through classes, academics, individual study, personal mentoring, and involvement in the Christian community.


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Emotional Support

For girls, Teen Challenge is a holistic therapeutic program – meaning that we are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to us for help. We endeavor to help teens become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Educational and Spiritual Recovery

“Teen Challenge boarding schools are effective, lower in cost, and highly caring alternatives to the more expensive therapeutic boarding schools.” — Editors of BestTherapeuticBoardingSchools.com

The Teen Challenge residential programs and schools help girls get back on the right track educationally while also learning that they have a higher purpose and calling on this Earth. Teen Challenge surrounds its students all day long with a Christian environment designed to help facilitate life change through our team’s witness and guidance.

Teen Challenge

Our schools offer an educational program that is fully accredited and tailored to meet students’ specific needs.  Students who complete high school receive an official high school diploma.  Credits are transferable. On-site teachers track student progress, tutor students, and offer additional aids to learning as needed.  Students who give their best effort in academics are recognized for their achievements and may earn additional rewards.  

Our schools utilize a faith-friendly academic curriculum provided by Edgenuity, a leading provider of learning solutions.  This curriculum is designed to give students access to their highest potential with Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) course options and credit recovery for students who have lagged in their education.   

Our teachers and counselors also facilitate our faith-based character-building courses with the girls (individually and in groups), a key aspect of our overall program.  We utilize landmark curriculum by today’s leading Christian authors and therapists to teach key concepts.  Each campus offers unique opportunities to engage in activities to help your teen discover her purpose and value.  Students may have the opportunity to participate in local church services, art therapy, horsemanship programs, community outreach, fine arts events, mission trips, and conferences as a part of their enrollment at Teen Challenge. 

Today, what we DON’T teach is almost as important as what we DO teach…
Unlike today’s public schools and schoolbooks, we don’t push a sociopolitical agenda, race theories, gender manipulation, and altered American history. We simply teach the most important skills needed in life and we help our students find real purpose and meaning.

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What Leaders Say About Our Boarding Schools

  • John Ashcroft
    Former Attorney General
    John Ashcroft

    “I have been a long time support of the work Teen Challenge has accomplished and the help they have provided over the years.”

  • Ronald Reagan
    Former President
    Ronald Reagan

    “Teen Challenge is effective; it is literally changing the lives of young Americans from every walk of life. The work and dedication of Teen Challenge deserves the commendation of every citizen.”

  • James Dobson
    Founder Focus on the Family
    Dr. James C. Dobson

    “Organizations like Teen Challenge…have a far better record of dealing with social issues and people in difficulty than do the bureaucrats.”

  • Dan Cathy
    CEO Chick-fil-A
    Dan T. Cathy

    “I truly admire Teen Challenge because of its loving, life-giving ministry to individuals who are bound by life controlling issues.”

  • George Bush
    George W. Bush

    “Teen Challenge is one of the most successful programs in our country.”

  • John C. Maxwell
    Bestselling Leadership Author
    John C. Maxwell

    “Teen Challenge offers hope and restoration to individuals by exchanging their distorted views on life with God’s perspectives.”

  • Jim Blanchard
    Past Director AT&T
    Jim Blanchard

    “I have not seen a more effective ministry in leading hurting people to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.”

  • Kevin Leman
    Psychologist and Author
    Dr. Kevin Leman

    “I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Teen Challenge…they really make a difference in lives and each of us can be proud that they are part of our community.”

  • John Walters
    Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    John P. Walters

    “Teen Challenge is doing the job that others only talk about. Teen Challenge is a reputable institution that needs to be highlighted.”